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A Place for Igniting the Imagination

Celebrating Performance Arts

We invite you to connect with events that spotlight the immersive richness and creativity of performance arts in the West of Ireland. Our stage welcomes artists who will engage and delight you through dance, theatre, and a broad range of performance forms. Come celebrate the world of performance arts!

Theatrical Performance / Plays

We are passionate about presenting a captivating variety of theatrical plays, from classic dramas and musicals to contemporary works and experimental theatre. We hold space for actors and playwrights celebrating the diversity of theatrical forms. We are a place where artists and audiences connect in a celebration of storytelling and character. We welcome your creative visions at All Saints, where every play is an exploration of human expression.

Dance Performance

We are dedicated to supporting the intriguing variety of dance performances available in Ireland, encompassing styles from traditional and sean-nós, to classic ballet, to contemporary and street dance. Our space is a vibrant canvas for dance artists, embracing the fascinating world of dance forms. It’s more than just a performance space; it’s a dynamic hub where dancers and audiences come together in a celebration of movement and expression. Your performance ideas are welcome at All Saints, where every step tells a story, and every performance is an exploration of the incredible world of dance.

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Are you a Performer Seeking the Perfect Venue?

All Saints Heritage Centre offers a unique and welcoming stage for your artistic expression. Whether you’re a comedy, drama, farce, or historical production, our versatile facilities provide an intimate and character-filled setting to showcase your talent. Our facilities hire rates are highly competitive and support both emerging artists and seasoned performers.

Venue Information for Performers

The sound system, lighting, seating arrangement, on-site amenities, and interior ambience in our event space are designed to create rich, multifaceted theatrical experiences. These features work in tandem to keep the audience happy and give them an experience worth remembering. As a repurposed chapel, our facility was designed for the appreciation of the human voice; our acoustics will delight you.

Performers at All Saints Heritage Centre have access to a range of features and equipment to enrich their performances. Click here to download our Information for Musicians and Performers document for our venue technical specifications and contracting practices, then get in touch!

Share Your Vision with Us

If you have a performance arts event or creative idea, we’re here to help turn it into a reality. Reach out to us with your concepts and inspirations, and let’s collaborate to bring your imaginative performance vision to life. Contact us.

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