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Áit don Ghaeilge

At All Saints Heritage Centre, we are deeply committed to celebrating the Irish language and preserving our cultural heritage.

Exploring Irish Language and Culture

We are able to host a variety of events connected to Irish, including:

  • Literature Events: Immerse yourself in the world of Irish literature, from classic works to contemporary masterpieces and original works by local authors.
  • Poetry Events: Experience the beauty of the Irish language through poetic expression, with readings and performances by international and local authors. We host as Gaeilge poetry writing workshops, and an annual Comórtas Dánta Gaeilge (Poetry Writing Competition) culminating in a reading and awards night, and publication of a Mórbhileog.
  • Musical and Performance Events: At ASHC, we calendar several musical and performance events a year that are conducted as Gaeilge or bilingually.
  • Storytelling Sessions: Experience the rich tradition of Irish storytelling, with tales that have been passed down through generations or freshly minted. Our events featuring seanchaithe are immensely popular, and we are always ready to make a warm welcome for seanchaithe traveling through lovely Clonbur.
  • Workshops: ASHC is a dynamic and interactive platform for both hosting and attending workshops, making them a wonderful choice for presentation as Gaeilge. Our workshops as Gaeilge offered to date have been well received and well attended. Na Gaeilgeoirí participants benefit from a learning experience that is often more impactful for the language aspect of it. These workshops can provide a unique space for networking, where individuals with an interest or professional goals connected with the Irish Language share experiences, and potentially collaborate in future endeavors. Whether for professional advancement, personal growth, or simply to acquire a new skill, ASHC workshops as Gaeilge offer a concentrated and engaging environment conducive to learning and growth.

Exhibits at ASHC

ASHC is an ideal place to mount exhibits as Gaeilge and bilingually. Exhibits about the language or exhibits exploring any of the sectors of our remit are welcome. Exhibits as Gaeilge provide insights into the linguistic tradition that shaped centuries of storytelling, literature, society, politics, and art. Exhibits crafted as Gaeilge can foster a deeper understanding of the unique cultural nuances our area is rich in; resonating authentically within the cultural context that is the west of Ireland, deeply connecting with the community of na Gaeilgeoirí and those aspiring to learn.

Share Your Vision with Us

If you have an idea for an event related to the Irish language, we’re here to help turn it into a reality. Reach out to us with your concepts and inspirations, and let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life. Contact us.


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