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All Saints Heritage Centre

Located in the picturesque and historic town of Clonbur, Co Galway between Loughs Mask and Corrib in the heart of the Irish speaking Joyce Country gaeltacht,  All Saints Heritage Centre – a deconsecrated and  meticulously restored 1849 gothic chapel -  is a place to illuminate the present, nourish our understanding of the past, and inspire visions of our future through diverse annual calendar of events and gatherings. 

ASHC is place to create and deliver high-quality programmes and experiences that nurture practice development, engagement with and delight in our Culture, Heritage, Gaeilge, and the Visual and Performing Arts. At ASHC, there is a place for you.   

  • Culture: We celebrate the variety cultures that make up our community, embracing diversity and fostering understanding by offering a lens through which to appreciate the broad range of customs, arts, celebrations, and intellectual achievements our community encompasses. 
  • Heritage: Our national heritage that we inherited from all those who went before us is a vital part of who we are, supporting our identity and sense of belonging. We create experiences that highlight both our tangible and intangible living heritage, providing a place for all of us to tell our story as Irish people, in our own way.   
  • Gaeilge: We are a place to hear and speak Irish /Gaeilge. Through our programming we strengthen and celebrate it as family and community language. 
  • Visual and Performing Arts: We provide a gathering place, a stage, and community for our inclusive, imaginative, and richly talented local artists. We work to resource and connect our population of artists, performers, craftspeople, authors, and academics with their respective audiences in a relationship that benefits creators and community mutually.  We delight in producing captivating, innovative, inspiring experiences in the exhibit space and on the ASHC stage.  

A Place Where Visions Become Reality 

At All Saints Heritage Centre, we are not just custodians of a building; we are facilitators of dreams and aspirations. We collaborate closely with members of our own community and those from afar to evolve their visions and ideas into realities and shareable experiences. Our doors are open to all, as we strive to nurture creativity, foster connections, and create memorable events. 

Throughout the year, we deliver a variety of events that reflect the vibrant spirit of our centre. But as a Place for You, our space is also available to hire for weddings, as a stage on which to deliver your own program, for community meetings, and workshops. Visit our Venue Hire page to learn more about the possibilities our historic venue offers. 

All Saints Heritage Centre stands as a testament to the vision and creativity of community, culture, and history. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, where past and present intersect to create a brighter and more connected future. 

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